Common questions


  1. What is your typical deal structure? Typically we will provide private equity investment designed to plug the shortfall between your existing finance arrangements and what you require to proceed with the development opportunity. 
  2. What are your fees? We share in the profits of the deal. In this way we share in the success of the deal. Depending on the deal we may also charge a one-off placement fee, payable upfront, which can be deducted from the equity or loan amount. 
  3. What if an equity investment isn't appropriate for my deal? In some circumstances we can provide Bridging Finance solutions. In these cases, we will lend to the Developer at a fixed monthly rate. Once the development is complete, the developer will repay the outstanding loan, typically repaying the loan to RDT from sales or re-financing. We will require additional security for bridging loans
  4. How do I qualify for investment from RDT? We are selective with the developers we work with, however we will look at each deal individually and on its own merits. After a full due diligence appraisal of the developer and the deal, we will look to build an ongoing relationship to help the developer achieve their long term goals. This may be on one individual deal, or in a regular ongoing capacity.
  5. Are you a fund? No. We place our investors capital into prudent, fully appraised property investments on either a passive or active basis.
  6. How much experience do I need to have? We will consider experience and track record when assessing any potential investment. However, it is not a necessary requirement to obtaining investment. We consider the merits of the deal first and foremost 
  7. Do you assist with the build phase? Typically no, but we will monitor the project throughout it’s lifecycle 
  8. Can you supply/recommend professionals ? Yes. We work closely with highly competent professionals within the Property Sector, and are more than happy to recommend specific professionals.
  9. What types of developments do you do yourselves? RDT run their own projects and portfolio typically in the South London area. If you have any deals that may be of interest to us please get in touch. We pay finders fees for good deals that we subsequently proceed
  10. What Training & Education programmes do you run? We can offer a selection of training programmes to the more inexperienced developers. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements further